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Quick Tips – Setting up Outlook Quick Steps

Want to join multiple steps together in Outlook to make everyday work quicker? Set up your Quick Steps. Quick Steps
Speed up message handling by automating common Outlook tasks with Quick Steps. One click performs multiple actions.

In Outlook, click Home [...]

A Soft Return – It’s Not Hard

A quick fix for annoying line-spacing problems in Word

There are many useful features in Microsoft Word that can save you time and give your documents a professional edge. Screenshot, Navigation Pane, Format Painter and Style Sets are some of my favourites, but [...]

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To those about to exam, I salute you

Or “How to Pass the Microsoft Exam for [FILL IN YOUR COURSE HERE]” I have been either training or taking Microsoft technical exams for the better part of ten years. Over that time, one of the most common questions is, “How do I pass my exam?”
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6 essential steps for managing vendors

More and more, IT professionals must be efficient and effective in managing third-party service providers.

Gartner once predicted that in the future, an IT career will not be about technology but rather managing a range of service providers.

Several years down the track and that’s exactly [...]

PowerShell using ConvertTo-HTML to produce tables with borders

I have found the ConvertTo-HTML cmdlet, usually followed by Out-File a very quick way to produce a record of information collected from earlier comdlets.  The problem with the standard use of it, though, for me, is that there are no borders around the table or the cells.

You can fix [...]

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