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AXELOS and their portfolio of best-practice frameworks

You may have heard of ITIL and PRINCE2 but are you aware that they originated as an IT systems standard for the UK Government?  What is more ITIL and PRINCE2 are just two of many frameworks developed to increase standardisation and efficiency to processes and work practices across the [...]


Acronyms, love ‘em or hate ‘em the IT world revolves around them. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) are both a blessing and a curse for IT Administrators and Staff. Don’t Want Your Own Device (DWYOD) and What Is Your Own Device (WIYOD) are [...]

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PowerShell can do EVERYTHING

The other day a colleague put his head into my classroom and said he had found something that PowerShell could not do!

I was horrified, how could this be. There must be a mistake!

The problem he found was in using the utility dsamain.

dsamain /dbpath C:\$SNAP_200910041219_VOLUMEC$ \Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit /ldapport 51389

It has a [...]

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Quick Tips – Time savers with OneNote

Need to copy something from a website but need to remember the source? If you use OneNote to copy and paste, it will automatically remember for you!

Unlike other Microsoft applications, when you copy and paste into OneNote, OneNote automatically adds the source link into the note. This is valuable [...]

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MVP’s Corner: A Handful of ACEs!

Great if you are playing a game of cards, particularly a high stakes poker game, not so great if you are trying to secure your corporate resources. “Man up, and defend yourselves!” said Ex NSA Director Michael Hayden. Difficult, when all our Administrators have a handful of ACEs!

Quick revision [...]

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