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MVP’s Corner: A Handful of ACEs!

Great if you are playing a game of cards, particularly a high stakes poker game, not so great if you are trying to secure your corporate resources. “Man up, and defend yourselves!” said Ex NSA Director Michael Hayden. Difficult, when all [...]

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A Key Trait for Every IT Leader: Humility

The C in CIO Isn’t for Celebrity

The best IT leaders have a powerful but rarely discussed trait: humility.

Longtime CIO Steve Bandrowczak has accomplished a lot in his career: He’s run large global organisations, spoken on the biggest stages and driven impressive results. But he still sets aside 30 [...]

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Quick Tips – Create winning spreadsheets using Sparklines

Want a better way to help others quickly visualise data trends in Excel? Create winning spreadsheets with Sparklines!

Types of SparklinesSparklines are small charts providing a visual summary of data in a single cell. They come in Line, Column and Win/Loss format [...]

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The six mindsets of effective leadership

Lou Markstrom lists the ways you can lead a high performance organisation

The world of IT leadership has changed; it’s no longer about keeping IT systems humming. It is now about the ability to lead high performance organisations that partner with the business to consistently [...]

Quick Tips – Setting up Outlook Quick Steps

Want to join multiple steps together in Outlook to make everyday work quicker? Set up your Quick Steps. Quick Steps
Speed up message handling by automating common Outlook tasks with Quick Steps. One click performs multiple actions.

In Outlook, click Home [...]